Conventional NDT

Radiography Testing

Axis Inspection Ltd. provides Radiography Testing services to inspect the welds of piping, pressure vessels and other process equipment on construction projects and plants.

Ultrasonic Testing

Axis Inspection Ltd. provides ultrasonic shear wave inspection for welds inspection as well as Ultrasonic Longitudinal Wave Inspection to perform thickness measurement and corrosion scanning/mapping on the plant piping and pressure vessels as per the API 510 and API 570 etc.

Magnetic Particle Testing

Axis Inspection ltd. offers Magnetic Particle Testing services to detect surface and sub-surface imperfections in the welds and heat-affected zones of piping and process equipment. We also provide Magnetic Particle Testing on process equipment during plant shutdown to detect service cracks on the internal surface of vessels.

Penetrant Testing

We offer Penetrant Testing to detect surface and sub-surface imperfections in the welds and heat-affected zones of piping and process equipment.

Training and Consultancy

Besides NDT services, we also provide relevant NDT training courses.

Experienced instructors share knowledge that complies with the guidelines of international NDT Inspection standards, such as ASNT, API, AWS, AME and ASTM etc.

We offer ASNT Level II Training and Certification in:

  • Radiography Testing Level II
  • Ultrasonic Testing Level II
  • Magnetic Particle Testing Level II
  • Penetrant Testing Level II
  • Visual Testing Level II

Besides these, we also offer:

  • NDT Procedure Preparation, Review and Approval
  • NDT Level III Consultancy Services
  • ASME Audits
  • and more!

Positive Material Identification

Axis Inspection Ltd. provides Positive Material Identification (PMI) services to construction projects to identify or sort the different types of material.

With PMI, the composition of materials in alloys can be accurately determined. It is particularly useful for high quality materials such as stainless steel and high alloy metals. While engineers push the boundaries of material capacity to the limit in their design, assurance that the proper material is used becomes of utmost importance.

We offer PMI with the XRF technology and OES for lighter elements like carbon.

Post-Weld Heat Treatment Services

In addition to NDT and inspection services, Axis Inspection Ltd. provides Post-Weld Heat Treatment for plant piping after welding has been carried out to relieve residual stress that develops during the welding process. This also increases the toughness of the weld which avoids service cracks.