Our Vision

To be the preferred regional leader in the inspection and industrial maintenance services.

Our Mission

To deliver value to our customer through innovative and quality services relying on our expertise and talented employees.

Our Values

We have hired employees from more than thirteen different Countries.

Managing differences amongst the employees who joined our organization with wide varieties of background and diversified cultural values, sometimes can be very challenging.

However, it is crucial for us to create a unity and establish cohesive teamwork whereby everybody can work in harmony as ONE Organization in our working environment.

How do we glue everybody to work in harmony under one umbrella so that together we can move forward in tandem towards fulfilling our duties with top notch quality of performance as One Team from the entire Organization?

The answer to this issue is none other than having Core Values that must be subscribed by all.

It is vital for us to have the following Core Values that can ensure our long term survival.

  • Teamwork
  • Unity
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Safety

The spirit of Teamwork amongst the employees is very important for producing good quality of services. Thus allowing us to work in harmony in executing challenging given tasks.

We have to put differences behind us and be united. Therefore, element of Unity is very important for us to enjoy harmony in our working environment.

As an organization, we need support by having hundred percent (100%) Loyalty from all our employees. Loyalty from Employees and Customers are our priceless rewards

Integrity is the quality of trustworthiness and face values of our Organization which are true reflection of Images and behavior styles of each single employee. Promises that we commit must be fulfilled. It is crucial for Organization to have employees with high degree of Integrity.

We have to be professional in carrying out our business regardless of who we are dealing and interacting with. Therefore adopting a high degree of Professionalism in our business conduct is a MUST.

Every time, we interact with our valued Clients, they are always giving the emphasis on Safety in the work environment. Likewise, we always put safety first in carrying out our tasks. We have to subscribe safety as way of life and put into practice the importance aspect of Safety in our working environment

From the brief explanation mentioned above all the above Core Values can be easily remembered by a simple acronym, TULIPS.

Working with Axis Inspection Contracting JSC. is an experience like having a TULIP or a ROSE in your garden. We employ Teamwork, Unity, Loyalty, Integrity, Professionalism, and Safety with an emphasis on having the best Return on Stakeholders’ Equities.

TULIPS – the way forward.

ROSE – Ensuring your happiness.