Axis Wishes You A Blessed Ramadan 2020!

Ramadan is a blessed, joyous time of the year when Muslims all over the world come together in worship and abstinence, following in the wonderful teachings of Islam. Ramadan is a time to heal our souls, to repent and ask for forgiveness, to help those in need and to strive to be a better Muslim and human being. Axis Inspection […]

Axis and Khidmah Donate Millions of Liters of Water

Axis Inspection Ltd. and Khidmah Industrial Services have taken a valiant stance against the spread of the novel coronavirus dubbed COVID-19. We believe in the importance of humanitarian acts and strive to serve the community to the best of our capabilities. In this spirit, Axis Inspection Ltd. and Khidmah Industrial Services, spearheaded by CEO Mr. Motlaq Al Mutairi have taken […]

Employee Appreciation Incentive

Axis Inspection Ltd. held an event lead by the respected CEO Mr. Motlaq Al Mutairi and President Mr. Abdullah F. Al Shammari of the company to commemorate the diligence and hard work of our employees. At the Axis family, we believe appreciation and recognition of our employees is a vital part of the working experience. In spirit of that, this […]

Recruitment Fair – Join The Axis Family!

Axis Inspection Ltd. took part in a recruitment fair event as part of an incentive to bring fresh new talent into the workforce. This move is intended to provide better services and quality of work to our customers, to keep the team fresh and to continue to develop professional growth inside the company. The event lasted from 14th to 17th […]