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National Day 2020 – Mettle To the Top!

National Day 2020 – Mettle To the Top!

Once again the time has come when people all over Saudi Arabia put aside their daily lives and come together as a nation to celebrate the Saudi National Day.

The motto, “Mettle To The Top”, represents the struggle, hard work, innovation and dedication of the people of Saudi Arabia. It represents a diverse, yet united nation that is ready to face all challenges coming its way and emerge victorious with grace.

Axis Inspection Contracting JSC. inherits the same spirit of the Saudi nation’s pride, and embodies the desire to grow and persevere to reach ever-increasing heights. May Allah SWT guide us all to a bright, successful future!

Below are the highlights from the celebratory festivities at Axis, before the team retires to their homes to spend the National Day with their loved ones. We hope everyone has a joyous National Day!