Inspection Services

Complete T&I Support

Axis Inspection Contracting JSC. provides complete T&I support by providing experienced inspection personnel such as:

  • Inspection Engineers
  • Plant and Equipment Inspectors
  • Welding Inspectors
  • NDT Technicians

Our inspection team works for pre-shutdown preparation. During shutdown our inspectors perform:

  • Initial Inspection
  • Reporting of Deterioration
  • Preparation of Repair Procedures and Recommendations
  • Follow-up of Repairs
  • Final Inspection
  • Preparation of Final Inspection Report as per API 510 and API 570

On-Stream Inspection

Axis Inspection Contracting JSC. establishes the On-Stream Inspection (OSI) program to newly constructed projects, which include:

  • Corrosion Analysis
  • Identification of Corrosion Circuits
  • Extraction of Isometric Drawing
  • Marking of TML Locations
  • Performance Review of Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
  • Preparation of Final Report as per API 510, API 570 and related client standard

In-Service Inspection

Axis Inspection Contracting JSC. also undertakes frequent In-Service Inspection of plant piping and equipment. Our inspectors perform the scheduled external inspection of equipment as per API 510, and pipeline survey as per API 570. Our technicians perform the Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement of plant piping and equipment.

Risk-Based Inspection

Vendor Inspection and Expediting