Employee Appreciation Incentive

Axis Inspection Contracting JSC. held an event lead by the respected CEO Mr. Motlaq Al Mutairi and President Mr. Abdullah F. Al Shammari of the company to commemorate the diligence and hard work of our employees. At the Axis family, we believe appreciation and recognition of our employees is a vital part of the working experience. In spirit of that, […]

Recruitment Fair – Join The Axis Family!

Axis Inspection Contracting JSC. took part in a recruitment fair event as part of an incentive to bring fresh new talent into the workforce. This move is intended to provide better services and quality of work to our customers, to keep the team fresh and to continue to develop professional growth inside the company. The event lasted from 14th to […]

Organizational Change Ceremony 2019

Axis Inspection Contracting JSC. launched it’s new organizational vision, mission, values and company look at the Organizational Change Announcement Ceremony hosted at Novotel Hotel, Dammam on 17th September 2019. Axis Inspection Contracting JSC. has embarked on making things a little different building on our fast response to change resulting in exceptional growth. A new logo. A new typeface. A new […]

Inspection Services

Complete T&I Support Axis Inspection Contracting JSC. provides complete T&I support by providing experienced inspection personnel such as: Inspection EngineersPlant and Equipment InspectorsWelding InspectorsNDT Technicians Our inspection team works for pre-shutdown preparation. During shutdown our inspectors perform: Initial InspectionReporting of DeteriorationPreparation of Repair Procedures and RecommendationsFollow-up of RepairsFinal InspectionPreparation of Final Inspection Report as per API 510 and API 570 […]

Advanced NDT

Exchanger Tube Inspection Axis Inspection Contracting JSC. provides complete Head Exchanger inspection solutions for various tube materials using the following methods: Eddy Current Testing (ET) – for non-ferromagnetic tubes.Internal Rotary Inspection Systems (IRIS) – any material, accurate wall thickness measurements.Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing (MFLT) – for ferromagnetic and Finfan cooler tubes.Remote Field Eddy Current Testing (RFT) – for ferromagnetic tubes.Saturated […]

Conventional NDT

Radiography Testing Axis Inspection Contracting JSC. provides Radiography Testing services to inspect the welds of piping, pressure vessels and other process equipment on construction projects and plants. Ultrasonic Testing Axis Inspection Contracting JSC. provides ultrasonic shear wave inspection for welds inspection as well as Ultrasonic Longitudinal Wave Inspection to perform thickness measurement and corrosion scanning/mapping on the plant piping and […]